In celebration of life

In summer, many people come together in a large circle for the dance of life. Everyone brings their natural beauty, their gifts and talents, their wisdom, their dreams and questions about life and carries them to the Tree of Life.
We dance for three days and nights for the healing of Grandmother Earth and for living in harmony with her. We dance for peace and freedom and for the well-being of all beings: humans, plants and animals. We dance so that people of all cultures and religions can meet in respect and beauty and learn respectfully from one another. We also dance for ourselves, for our friends, families, ancestors: for everyone we love.

Through the life dance ceremony you gain access to the deep knowledge of your soul. There are several ways in which you can participate in the dance of life: as a dancer, as a guardian or as a singer. Families are also welcome – the children are well looked after at the children’s camp.

As a dancer, you will be in the ceremonial dance room during the three-day celebration. You have your own dance line to the life dance oak, with a dreamer sleeping place. You have visualized your dreams on a sign and with every dance to the tree you strengthen your vision. At the same time, you also dance for the dreams of your loved ones, the collective and Grandmother Earth.

As a guardian, you are the bridge between heaven and earth, because during the Dance of Life you move both in the magical ceremonial space and in everyday reality. Your qualities as a warrior and guardian are in demand. You prepare the dance floor and the sweat lodges as part of a team. You light the child fire at the beginning of the dance of life and guard it day and night, you take care of all worldly matters with your heart and hand and protect the dance floor with your watchful presence. And of course you also dance to the Tree of Life for your personal and collective dreams, your dreams are visualized in your guardian staff.

As a singer, you will be part of one of three singing groups who will take turns singing life dance songs and songs from all spiritual traditions on the big drum during the ceremony from sunrise until after midnight. With their singing, the singers weave the energy field that carries the dancer to the tree. Experiencing dance as a singer means letting your heart’s voice resound. You have visualized your own dreams in your drumstick. Ideally, you should already be singing in a singing group during the year.

The children’s camp offers children and young people the opportunity to take part in Lebenstanz, younger children accompanied by a parent, older children alone as in a camp. There are age-appropriate activities such as games, handicrafts, bathing and a playful approach to spirituality – and of course the opportunity to dance to the Tree of Life like the grown-ups and have their first ceremonial experiences.

Does that entice you? Then join us and come to the Dance of Life in Lavaldieu, in the south of France, from July 26 to August 3, 2024!
We look forward to your registration!

You can download the current flyer for this year’s 32nd Lebenstanz 2024 here, for you to pass on and distribute:
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