Registration 32nd Life Dance 2024

Dear people,

The 32nd Dance of Life will take place in Lavaldieu from July 26 to August 3, 2024. We would be delighted if you would register for this dance as a dancer, singer, guardian or with your loved ones for the children’s camp and join us. You are also in demand as a volunteer!

You can find more information about registration here

We dream of at least 60 adults taking part in the 32nd Life Dance full of enthusiasm and energy. And of course children and young people are very welcome!

The earlier you register, the better we can plan. As the land guardians in Lavaldieu would like to know how many people are coming to the dance by the end of April 2024, it helps us if you register early.

Due to the general increase in the cost of camping and cooking, we had to raise the fees slightly, by 50 euros/francs each. The fees for the children’s camp remain low for social reasons. As before, there are discounts for early bookers who pay their contribution by March 31, 2024.

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