Lebenstanz 2022 – we danced!

We were finally able to dance the dance of life again in the south of France in 2022!

After the last two years, the need for this was huge. But how was that supposed to work? The “old” idea of the 100 people needed to make this complex ceremony happen was still floating around as a conviction in 2022. And it was very clear: we probably won’t be able to do THAT in 2022. Because the heat, the fear of overexerting oneself and a number of sick notes beforehand showed that this year the dance of life can only be done with love and not with perfectionism. It requires friendly, attentive cooperation and harmony with the forces of life. And so in 2022, dance itself was once again a great teacher. The impossible became possible: a life dance on site with 40 people and 21 decentralized dancers, optimally networked with the mother dance.

Of course, the strong preparation team and the new plans helped a lot. The sand picture was strewn directly onto the altar by our youngest dancers. And the singers carry the arrow of intention into the year 2023. Many thanks also to the clear focus of all those involved.

And if you now think that you would have liked to take part here too, great. We cordially invite you to join us in 2023!

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