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The Life Dance is led and organized by Beyond, Association for Individual Growth and Collective Evolution.

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Bärbel Oftring
Irène Muser Rui
Anita Schlesak
Josef Reichenspurner
Marton Radkai

The Life Dance is led and organized by Beyond, Association for Individual Growth and Collective Evolution.

Irène Muser Rui:
Anita Schlesak:
Josef Reichenspurner:
Marton Radkai:
Bärbel Oftring:

The dance of life takes place in

Lavaldieu, F-11190 Rennes le Chateau, France

Important: Access to the grounds is ONLY for registered participants for the entire duration of the ceremony.






Sweat lodges in Radebeul, with Antje Unger and Jürgen Schütz

“Singing for the Earth” near Dresden, with Corynna Kilian



Central Switzerland

Northern Switzerland

Medicine wheel meeting under the title HÖHENFLÜGE:

Spring trilogy: Saturday, March 9, 2024 / April 6, 2024 / May 4, 2024

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Basel region

Ceremonies, pipe walk, sweat lodges and power songs with Nathalie Buchli

Eastern Switzerland

We offer healing work days and ceremonies, impart knowledge, conduct sweat lodges and deal with dreams. Flurina Campolongo and Trojka Keller

Switzerland / Canada

Claudia Frey, 001 902 523 3254 (Whatsapp)

Online seminars in ZOOM on alchemy & knowledge (the three levels of magical alchemy, GeBeT – Common Intentional Dreaming)
Info by email or Whatsapp



Western Austria and other
Ceremonies, teachings and individual coaching with Claudia Nitschke
There you will also find the QR code for the book “Zauber – Magic Beyond Nature”

Eastern Austria and other
Couples coaching, Healing Eros, Retreats
with Herbert and Elisabeth Untersteiner
Shamanic work, sweat lodges, vision quests, annual groups, medicine wheel knowledge
with Herbert Untersteiner

Singing and drumming groups


Earthdrummers, Rüti

Patrick Boesch
2x monthly Singing and drumming
Singing in nature, singing in the labyrinth

CörLowan, Spruga

Annett Gröble
0041 79 108 02 59
every 2nd Wednesday in Spruga, and the last Thursday of the month in Locarno
Special events e.g. Rauhnachtsingen, other events throughout the year

Aristau singing group, Aristau

Cathrin Bentz

Rainbow, Seftigen

Regina Schläfli
076 439 26 42
2-3x monthly Singing and drumming in Seftigen
1x monthly in Konolfingen
Solstice singing, singing in nature, singing for the earth, etc.

Tate Topa, Geneva

Marton Radkai
Singing and drumming once a month in Geneva
and also ceremonies

MaKiay, Münchwilen

Flurina Campolongo & Trojka Keller
every three weeks on Thursday evening in Münchwilen TG


Taku Skan, Reutlingen

Eva Maringer
2x monthly Drumming and singing
Cave singing, cathedral singing

Drum & Vision, Dresden

Corynna Kilian
+49 15 7 36 55 04 78
Singing for the earth, communal ceremony of thanks to Mother Earth,
Open singing group, men’s singing group, promotion of drum chiefs

Singing in Karlsruhe, Forbach, near Karlsruhe

Tanja Francisco
For dates and events see:

Spirit Song, Esslingen (Stuttgart region)

Dana Ott
+49 711 7587219
Tuesday evening once a month, we sing songs from all 8 genres