Registration for the 32nd Life Dance

When you register, you decide whether you want to register as a dancer, singer or guardian.
You can also register here to work as a volunteer and to take part in the children’s camp.

The participation fee is the same for all functions. We have now raised the prices slightly due to the general increase in camping and kitchen prices, by 50 euros/francs each. The prices for children’s camps remain low for social reasons. As before, there are discounts for early bookers.

500 €/CHF with payment until 07.04.2024 EXTENDED DISCOUNT!
550 €/CHF for payment by 30.04.2024
650 €/CHF for payment after 01.05.2024

This includes the costs for organization, catering and camping.

For all registrations (= deposits) after 30.06.2024 , the full amount plus 50 €/CHF will be due.

We are pleased when financially better off support financially disadvantaged people by paying an additional €50 to €200/CHF or a higher amount at their own discretion. Please then simply transfer a higher contribution by the amount donated.

Social prices are possible after consultation.

Participation fee for children’s camp:

Contribution until 30.04.2024 until April 30 from May 1
1 accompanying person + 1 child up to approx. 8 years 325 €/CHF 375 €/CHF
additional child under 8 years 100 €/CHF 125 €/CHF
1 child/young person aged 8 and over 220 €/CHF 250 €/CHF
2 children/young people from the same family aged 8 and over 385 €/CHF 450 €/CHF
3 children/young people from the same family aged 8 and over 525 €/CHF 630 €/CHF

After your registration:

you will need to be patient for a few days, as we can only process the mail forms once a week due to time constraints. You will then receive an email confirmation with further information. As an association that works exclusively on a voluntary basis, we ask for your understanding.

Your registration is binding once you have paid your participation fee. We charge cancellation fees in order to be able to cover the costs of the Lebenstanz even in the event of last-minute cancellations. See the registration conditions here

We hope you enjoy your preparations!


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    I am registering as:

    Participate as a helper:
    Important: Please contact Elias Maringer before registering as a preparatory assistant.
    E-mail:, telephone 0043-650-61 18 77 5

    Declaration of consent:

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