The Dance of Life is a spiritual ceremony to celebrate life. Inspired by the sun dance of the indigenous peoples of North America and shamanic knowledge from Europe, the festival took place for the 31st time this year in the south of France. Its power comes from the dreams and dances of many people. We dance for Grandmother Earth and our happiness as human beings on this wonderful learning planet. We pray with our feet, sing our visions and guard the holy fire at the altar and within us.

That’s the slogan we dreamed of in summer 2023:

We dance through the liquid mirror.

And the sorceress teaches us to open the book

and be the magic of life.

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Dance of life

A ceremony with intention, essentially based on shamanic knowledge of the Dreaming Sun Dance tradition of the indigenous peoples of North America, combined with alchemical knowledge from Europe.

We celebrate life.

In a large circle, people come together in diversity and beauty. They all bring their natural gifts of medicine and carry them with their hearts on their way to the tree of life.

We dance for three days and nights for the healing of Grandmother Earth and for us humans to live in harmony with her.

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For three days you dance your intentions, your dreams and visions awake. You dance for all beings on this earth, for the evolution of the collective of human beings and for yourself on your individual path of growth.

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Sing and drum !

During the three days of the Life Dance, the songs and the drumbeat carry the dancers with their intentions and dreams to the Life Dance Tree. The energetic, ceremonial songs support the dance and give the singers a deep connection.

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You guard and keep the sweet secret. You like to move between the magical world and everyday reality.

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Behind Lebenstanz is a network of many people: Training centers, drumming and singing groups, sweat lodge circles and study groups, psychologists, artists and musicians. We are united by our love of nature and the shamanic spiritual path. You can find regional contact addresses on the Network page. Have fun discovering!

Voices of participants:

I have been coming to Lebenstanz for 20 years because I can live my dream of a community that is committed to the protection of the earth and the development of humanity.

Michael Maringer

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We are a diverse group of people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also from France, Sweden and Canada. We are united by the great ceremony of the Dance of Life, which we can experience every summer in Lavaldieu. Some of us have been intensively on this shamanic path for decades, which is inspired by the Indigenous Natives of the USA, connected from the heart with sacred “tools” such as stone circles, ceremonial pipes and sweat lodges. Some teach the complex knowledge of the medicine wheels, others lead singing and drumming groups and cultivate the spiritual songs of the Native Americans and various cultures. We follow the so-called Indian shamanic path, as our elders in Europe, the founders, called it more than 30 years ago, and at the same time honor all spiritual paths that serve creation and the well-being of all beings.

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