Ceremony at the beginning of spring

Ceremony is prayer and spiritual power. We all know and have experienced many times that ceremonies bring us into harmony with ourselves, with grandmother nature, with the forces within us and around us. We can let go of the old, build up energy and give strength to our dreams and visions. In these times full of upheaval and challenges, this seems particularly important to us.

Here, a personal ceremony is embedded in a shared bond. In this way, a new personal opportunity can become a powerful shared wave. And perhaps it will also inspire one or two new possibilities in the world out there.

We cordially invite you to a joint ceremony at the beginning of spring:

Date: Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 6 p.m.

Place: in the Spirit, everyone at his/her place

The common intention:

“From my connection with life, I open myself up to trust in myself and my self-healing powers. I receive the gift and a new possibility is born.”

You can do a pipe ceremony for this intention (7 or 20 fill), or sing and drum for it, perhaps do a sweat lodge or a nature walk, or create a ceremony for you personally in your own way. Say the common intention at the beginning, then you can invite the forces in your own way and awaken them within you and then say your personal prayer. Now open yourself to your issues and challenges in your life, connect your perceptions (images, body sensations, sounds, whatever your personal approach is) with the intention and be open and receptive to the gift and a new possibility …

You can make your gift known to life and pray for it. Perhaps you would like to share your gift and the new opportunity with someone else, or you can keep it all to yourself, you decide for yourself …

We wish you a good, strong and loving ceremony and look forward to many fellow dreamers in Spirit.

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