Working in Lavaldieu

After two years, there is now a lot to prepare for at the Lebenstanz Platz. A small group of people will therefore travel to Lavaldieu at the beginning of April (April 2 to 12, 2022). They will rebuild the sweat lodge oven, clear out the huts, sift through our material and do other work on the land. It would be great if as many people as possible could help clean up and prepare this wonderful place. Everything has been dormant for a long time and perhaps needs more attention than in previous years.

Perhaps some of you will be able to combine a few working days with a subsequent vacation. As well as doing things together, it is also a wonderful opportunity to meet others, exchange ideas and do something really meaningful and enjoyable in the community. Your soul and the ancestors of the square will look forward even more to the next dance and other ceremonies on the square.

If you are interested, please contact Michael Maringer at or Silvia Löwe at Energy compensation for travel costs and accommodation is also available on request. Please bring weatherproof clothing, rubber boots or work shoes and work gloves to the work assignment.

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