WINKEL IM WINKEL – an invitation

Dear friends of the dance of life!

For more than three decades, the Winkel in Märstetten was one of the places where the “Sweet Medicine of the Sun Dance” was taught. And in a sense also the birthplace of European dance, which took place for the first time in 1994. We stopped all classes at Winkel a long time ago, and in September 2020 my partner Loon Schneider, for whom the dance of life was also always a matter close to her heart, passed away. Now we are realizing a project called “WINKEL IM WINKEL”.

This is an invitation to come to us for hours or days and immerse yourself in shamanic knowledge. All the documents that have come together over the years are collected here. You will find knowledge about simple ceremonies, about the ceremonial pipe, about sweat lodges, about healing ceremonies. And countless, really countless medicine wheels. Your stay here is a gift, it costs you nothing. The treasure chamber or cabinet of curiosities forms part of the WINKELS IM WINKEL. Here you will find countless treasures and curiosities. We give a lot of things away, we sell precious things.

Our new location has been open since May 2021.

You can find more information on

We look forward to your visit!

With best regards

Waheo King

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