The luminous branches and circles

Would you like to get more involved in our life dance community? Would you like to get to know everything that makes up the dance of life better, exchange ideas about it and preserve it? Then you are very welcome here! The Shining Branches and Circles have emerged in recent years and are an expression of a new, more decentralized organizational structure in our community. In these branches, the knowledge of the ceremonies, the healing techniques, the structure of the Arbor and the songs is guarded, cultivated and further developed. There are various circles that are grouped into branches for organizational reasons. All people who care about the dance of life are welcome in these branches. A list of contact persons per branch can be found on our website. If you would like to be part of it, we cordially invite you to join us.

Since the end of January 2021, the coordinators and ambassadors of the luminous branches have been meeting regularly in a virtual Zoom meeting. It’s really nice to see each other again and exchange ideas. We develop together how we can work and grow together to become one big strong tree. This togetherness and cooperation is based on our common tribe – our shared values.

At the moment, something new is emerging in many branches and the groups are coming together. Various singers and drum chiefs experiment with singing together in a network. We are finding new ways to deal with sweat lodges in Spirit etc. Now is a very good time to connect and try out new things. The dance of life is looking forward to seeing you!

If you would like to take part, please get in touch with the contact person for the branch that appeals to you.

And if you have any general questions, please contact

May all the branches and circles in our collective be connected and our tree be big and strong! Ho!

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