Networking on 29th dance of life – July 30 to August 7, 2021

We were very touched by your feedback last year. Such beautiful pictures and experiences testified to wonderful spiritual moments… However, many of you regretted not being in closer contact and missed the collective and the community.
To make it easier for all participants to network, we are now making this networking platform available.

Are you still looking for people to dance along with you? Or would you like to dance but don’t have a suitable place? Do you have a great space and are you open to other dancers? Or…?
You can tell us exactly what you are looking for or offering when you register and we will then publish your text, name, place of residence and an e-mail address on the website.

Name Location email I am looking for… / I offer…
Dana Ott Esslingen am Neckar (D)
Anita Schlesak Ulm (D) Hello, dear life dancers,

I plan to experience the dance again in Lavaldieu, equipped with whistle and hand drum. Like last year, when there were three of us. It was wonderful to meet at the tree in the morning and at least as a mini-collective to do the pipe and the morning prayer at the altar in the east of the tree and to sing the songs… I look forward to meeting fellow dancers… Best regards Anita

Andreas Devadas Lapp-Zens Tübingen (D) I would love to dance with the dancers in my sweat lodge group! Devadas
Antje Unger Radebeul (D)
Annett Gröble Spruga (CH) I offer space in sunny Ticino for a few people who want to dance/sing/shepherd.
Regina Schläfli Seftigen (CH) Above all, I would like to take part in the dance of life with people from my singing group by singing and drumming. Other singers/drummers, even inexperienced ones, are very welcome!

Singing and practicing (especially) the songs of the tree planting ceremony on 27.6.21. You are cordially invited.

Marianne Kocher Windisch (CH)
Aniela Wirz Pfäffikon ZH (CH)
Silvia Löwe Radebeul (D)
This year I wanted to look after it and that’s what I’m doing. As an ambassador of the guardian circle, I have decided not to dance at a fixed place during the LT like last year. I’ve decided to keep the “outer space” in the spirit this time with the LT (herding, so to speak) – I’ll do that wherever I am or wherever it calls me. I will be “on the road in southern Germany” and meet people who have invited me or who are open to me joining them or where my support may be needed. I will take the spirit of the LT with me, tell, invite, sing and go on a journey with others and tell stories and tend the fire in the shamanic sense. I like to come to places where people meet for LT and am also happy to provide support. Therefore it would be nice to know where groups/people dance/sing and are open for me or others to join. I will “sit down” at fixed times – like mediation and connect with the life substance being, the ancestors and all other dancers from heart to heart in the spirit. I simply give away my being, to the place, to the people, to life …

I connect with my love for life and for the Earth Mother and the Heavenly Father, with the joy of life, my confidence, my being, my knowledge, my trust and my strength, with wonderful images of our community, of touching and nourishing encounters, of laughing, crying, singing and dancing. I give all my love and energy to the 29th LT and nourish the life substance. I am fully confident that the life dance being lives in all of us and gathers strength for the next time, for life and for further dances. I am sure that we will be shown everything we need for the earth, togetherness, community, the collective, the place and the setting. I know the energy of the spiritual connection and I know about its power. We dance and create life – every day, through our being, through our thoughts and inner images, with words and dreams, with songs and gestures and we leave traces in everything we do.

I am looking forward to dancing my dance in this way this year and I am excited to see what shows itself to me, who I meet and what it needs for me and the others. I will certainly “flank” my dance and my actions with smoke, fire and singing – I feel into it intuitively – let’s see if I need the pipe – I don’t know – it will travel with me, just like a drum and my drumstick and I will make myself a guardian stick for my dance in the next few days.

If someone would like to look after the LT with me in this way, would like to meet me or would like to be on the road in a region, I invite you to exchange ideas beforehand – who would like to do it like me – we can arrange times for this – but it doesn’t have to be – or we take turns (like looking after the child’s fire) – so that someone else always holds the space and is simply there and connected to everything – the form and the place is up to everyone. That’s my way of guarding the dance this year ;) LG Silvia